I am a researcher, writer, commentator, and editor, currently based in Beirut, Lebanon, focusing on intersectionality and resistance in Third World and Global South spaces. In 2018, I completed my PhD in American Studies at Johannes Gutenbergdj University Mainz (Germany) with summa cum laude. My prize-winning dissertation, “Trans/Intifada. The Politics and Poetics of Intersectional Resistance,” was published by Universitätsverlag Winter in March 2019. Previously, I studied English Literature, Social and Political Thought, Francophone Literatures, and Education at JGU Mainz, York University in Toronto, the Lebanese American University in Beirut, and the University of Cyprus in Nicosia. I was a fellow at Harvard University’s Institute for World Literature in Lisbon. My essays, analyses, and commentaries have appeared in Muftah Magazine, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Balkans, Mondoweiss, the Palestine Chronicle, Truthout, Grayzone, TeleSur, and Your Middle East, among other media outlets.

General Research Interests
■ World Literature(s)
■ Post-/De-/Anti-Colonial Approaches
■ Transnational and Diaspora Literature
■ Poetry, Spoken Word, Rap
■ Genocide Studies

Current Research Projects
■ Palestine and Third World Intersectionality
■ Resistance in Palestinian American Poetry
■ Racialization of Palestinians and Jews in the Euro-American Extreme Right

Languages Spoken
German, English, Yugoslav Languages, Lebanese Arabic, French, Spanish