Dr. Denijal Jegić is a researcher and author. He is Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication, Arts & Languages at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Multimedia Journalism and Communication at LAU.
His multidisciplinary research focuses on critical theory, media representations, media activism, historiography of communication, colonialism and resistance, and lies at the intersection of media, literature, and cultural studies. In his prize-winning doctoral dissertation, he has analyzed articulations of resistance in the Global South in poetry, prose, spoken word, and rap. 

Academic Degrees
Ph.D. (summa cum laude) 
American Studies
Institute for Transnational American Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 

American Studies / English Literature
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz / York University, Toronto 

English Philology, Romance Philology/French, Education
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 

Arabic, Croatian, English, French, German, Spanish (Castellano)

Courses Taught
JSC 699 – Thesis in Multimedia Journalism
JSC 689 – Project in Multimedia Journalism
JSC 688 – Seminar: Media and Palestine
JSC 688 – Seminar: Media Representation
JSC 688 – Seminar: Media and Dissent 
JSC 687 – Workshop: Media Activism
JSC 687 – Workshop: Digital Media and Public Diplomacy
JSC 630 – Arab and International Media 
JSC 499 – Capstone Project
COM 499 – Capstone Project
COM 488 / JSC 488 – Topics: Media Activism
COM 488 / JSC 488 – Topics: Media and Dissent                   
COM 488 – Topics: Media Representation 
JSC 330 – Arab and International Media 
COM 316 – Political Communication 
JSC 312 – Media and Society
COM 301 – Human Communication Theory
JSC 224 – Social Media 
COM 203 – Art of Public Communication